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Social Business - social business networking

Social Business - social business networking

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Scalable social network from CodeCanyon social business

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Social Business - social business networking

The main objective of the application of social business is the development of a social network aimed at business people who want to do their business, with the involvement of their acquaintances, other people or find their business partners. Of course, by applying a little fantasy script, the social business can be transformed into various kinds of social networks.

For whom this script is suitable:

- For those who want to develop a business community, social network or business networks

- For people who own several enterprises

- For a user who wants to track appointments any way he likes and what he has

- For an average person who wants to create a social network using a little creative and without standard engines

Social business is a web application CMS (Content Management System), built in PHP based on the MVC template (Model-View-Controller), written in OOP technology, with (PHP Data objects) PDO as a way to connect to the DBMS (MySQL). The design is developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, using the popular Bootstrap (3.2.0) and (2.1.0 JQuery) frameworks and for programming we choose simple and flexible structurally: FuelPHP (1.7.1).

Not yet tested!

Minimal requirements:

PHP 5.3+ and MySQL. 5.x


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